Adult Sitter Care

Hospital Sitter in Hendersonville, Brevard and south Asheville, NC

Sometimes older adults who have been hospitalized need an advocate to help with communications with hospital staff, physicians and family. They may also need an advocate to be present in their room at all times to help ensure they are safe and in compliance with doctor's orders. And that's where Compassionate Home Care in Hendersonville, NC comes in. We can provide an adult sitter, or companion, to act in the patient's best interest when a family member can not be there in not only Hendersonville, but Brevard and south Asheville, NC.  The sitter will assist with communications among medical providers, the family and our registered nurses. We can also help attend to household concerns or pets in the home while the patient is hospitalized. Our sitter can follow the patient home after discharge to help ensure continuity of care and the quickest recovery time.